Types of Braces

Each patient's orthodontic condition requires a treatment plan based on a specialized diagnosis of the case. The treatment process involves X-rays, dental impressions and photographs. Braces have one aim: to use gentle pressure to move teeth into proper alignment. Treatment time varies depending on age, patient compliance and the severity of the condition. Generally, treatment lasts for 24 months and is facilitated by ideal patient cooperation.

Mini Metal braces

Metal braces are the most common type. They are made of high-grade stainless steel and are bonded directly to the tooth's surface. Dr. Clotworthy uses a mini brace with advanced design and technology. The brace is very efficient, comfortable and esthetically pleasing.

Ceramic Braces (Inspire Ice)

Ceramic braces are made of a clear or tooth-colored material. Dr. Clotworthy uses a crystal-clear ceramic brace that won't stain or discolor over time. They are most popular with adult patients. The only drawback to ceramic braces is that they are more fragile, and the elastic ties can discolor between orthodontic visits.

Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are designed for minor tooth movement because of their limited force direction and control. Depending on treatment objectives, the appliance design can vary from clear trays to wire and acrylic combinations. Dr. Clotworthy will discuss with you which appliance is best suited for your treatment, and the advantages and disadvantages of each appliance.